Ten Unique DIY Ways to Keep Your Garage Organized

Garages often become a catchall for all those odds and ends that accumulate throughout the year. Whether it’s sports equipment, boxes full of seasonal clothing and items, tools or anything else, these 10 DIY organization ideas will help you give everything a place in interesting and unique ways.

Shovel Rack

Shovel Organizer

Shovels are handy, but they can be a bear to store neatly. Instead of standing them in a corner, create a wooden shovel rack. A handy DIY shovel rack. will help you get your rakes and other long-handled tools off the ground by keeping them securely hanging on the wall. This design holds heavier items securely, minimizing the risk of falling tools.

Gardening Station

Create a Gardening Station

Gardening tools and supplies can quickly end up in all corners of your garage, making it nearly impossible to find everything you need. Create a station specifically for your green-thumb needs. A pegboard will keep all the tools within easy reach. Use an old dresser or other storage unit that has drawers to organize your seeds and growing supplies. Make sure to give everything a fresh coat of paint to create an unmistakable station in your garage.

Suspended Shelving

Suspend Those Shelves

You know all that space above your vehicle? Well, it can become a great place to store large light items such as seasonal decorations that aren’t used that frequently. These shelves are designed to fit in the space above your garage door when it is opened. Use plastic bins to keep everything organized and out of the way.

Kitchen Jars

Save Those Plastic Jars

If you are like most families, you likely end up with numerous plastic jars with lids from peanut butter and other snacks. Instead of throwing them away, give them a new purpose in your garage. Hang a wooden shelf and screw the lids to it. Now you can fill the containers with nuts, bolts, nails and other small items to keep them easily accessible and organized.

Bicycle Racks

Pick Up the Bikes

Keep bikes off the ground and out of danger with bike racks that mount to the wall. Just hang the bikes, and you won’t have to worry about running over them ever again. Visit the Amazon website to see our pick!

Magnet Strips

Go Magnetic

Take a moment to consider all the things you have in your garage, including everyday tools and other items that will stick to a magnet. Now head to your favorite home improvement store and purchase a few strip magnets that you can hang along your garage walls. Now you can hang pliers, paintbrushes, scissors and other metal items securely, without having to throw them in a box or drawer. Look them up here.

Tape Storage

Tape Storage

Tape rolls often get mangled and dirty when they are thrown in a drawer or left hanging on the nearest thing they will fit over. Add to that the frustration of buying a new roll only to find that one you knew you had somewhere, and a tape dispenser makes perfect sense. This DIY tape stand is cleat-mounted, and can be built to hold as many rolls of tape as you need. Add a hacksaw blade and you have organized tape that you can pull and cut easily.

Labeled Buckets

Bucket Bins

You can also use a shelf to store small metal buckets to toss small toys and other items into. Just grab some stickers or markers for labeling, and you’re on your way to less clutter.

Shoe Rack

Boot Racks

Keeping wet or dirty boots in the garage keep your floors clean. You’ll find a few different ways to keep those wet boots from causing a bigger mess, you just have to use wine bottle corks you want to get rid of, a glue gun and patience!

Hose Storage

Hose Storage

Water hoses are difficult to manage, at least until you install a bucket with a winder. You’ll be able to roll your hose up quickly, and you’ll keep it from becoming a tangled mess when not in use.

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