Why Door Pro Inc. recommend Garaga

There are abundant choices with Garaga!

Renowned product quality and outstanding customer service is what Garaga is all about. To help you in selecting the right door to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior, a knowledgeable advisor will assist you with color harmony.

Harmonize your colors

Finding the perfect hues for your home is not an easy task and the professionals at Door Pro Inc. in Raynham are there to make this process much easier!

Here are a few tips to consider when deciding upon the color of your garage door:

  • Find a colour that works well with window trim and stonework.

    The color of your door should fit with your window frames
  • Avoid harsh contrasts.
  • Select rectangular forms that match the architectural style of your home.

    Rectangular forms corresponding to your style of architecture should be selected
  • Choose door hardware that is harmonious with your exterior lighting and fixtures.

    Decorative hardware should be similar to that of your exterior lighting

Even more door types

Garaga has additonal door styles for special projects such as:

  • Storage buildings or garden sheds: many of our customers opt for a GARAGA garage door to be their best choice because of functionality, esthetics, and very low-maintenance.

    Storage shed doors
  • Commercial, agricultural and industrial doors: available in steel or aluminum. If you are looking for more insulation, an oversized door, or impact resistance, this can be found with the G-5000 Series from Garaga.

    Commercial, agricultural and industrial doors
  • Non‑residential doors: robust, durable and available in many styles and color. Garaga offers a wide selection of windows and sizes even for those mammoth oversized doors. You will not have to compromise on the quality or esthetic aspect.
  • Glass garage doors: contemporary, modern and unique the California glass panel door is an excellent option for homeowners who are not concerned about insulation. For commercial applications such as: fire station doors, bars or restaurants the G-4400 is offered in a wide array of sizes and offers modern pure lines with all the advantages of a regular garage door.

    Glass garage door

Overhead garage doors can improve curb appeal to your home or add that special touch of elegance needed for your upcoming renovation project. When shopping for a brand with top product quality and special attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, GARAGA garage doors are the best choice out there.

Ask Door Pro Inc. for a FREE estimate, we will be delighted to assist you with your next project!

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