December 23, 2016
Sometimes there is too much choice! Imagine you’re going over the plans for your new home with the developers but two of them keep butting heads. One is insisting two single garage doors will look best, and the other thinks you should choose a double garage door. Of course, the choice is yours, so what do you choose?
December 2, 2016
Are you building a new garage and are having trouble wrapping your head around all the different lighting types? Maybe you’re looking to change your current garage lighting. We’ve compiled these tips to help.
October 7, 2016
If it has come time for you to install a new garage door opener, you probably have many questions. After all, there are so many factors to consider when making such an important purchase. If you haven’t evaluated the situation, but know you need that new opener, here are the points to keep in mind:
September 9, 2016
If you’re like most people, there comes a time when you peer into the depths of your garage and realize that it’s gotten totally out of control. You may have stuck things there with good intentions, but in reality you’ll never use them again. Or, you may simply have allowed the clutter and disorganization to get out of hand.
July 22, 2016
Any time you use your door opener remote, you expect that the garage door will open without a hitch. If your kids use the exterior keypad to get in when coming home from school, you likely don’t expect them to run into any trouble either.
February 11, 2016
Goodbye traditional, hello contemporary! With today’s latest technology trends evolving and our fast paced lives taking over, people need to see change and diversity. People all over the world are leaning towards contemporary, urban exteriors for their homes. They aim to find a look that’s different and unique, adding their personal taste to their designs.
January 22, 2016
Every homeowner needs a safe place for storage. For most, the garage meets that need! With a good quality garage door, all important items are kept away from the rain, snow and cold. A secure garage door also keeps thieves and animals out of your home. But what if the garage door opener stops working as it should? Your safety and your home could be at risk. Regardless of the brand, garage door openers need regular inspections and maintenance. They also need the occasional repair. Keep your garage door opener working safely and smoothly with preventative maintenance and see our tips for solving four of the most common problems.

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