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A new garage door is a big investment, and it’s not something you change regularly. So, it’s no wonder you want to make sure you get it right.

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Garage door repair scammers: How to spot them

Garage doors are complex, large items. For your safety, and for the safety of those around you, you should always entrust any repair work to an expert.
Unfortunately, there are tons of people out there trying to make an easy buck. People posing as “the best garage door repairman in the neighbourhood” and performing low-quality (even dangerous) work before running off with your money.
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What to Do When the Garage Door Is Noisy

Are you someone who knows when another person arrives home because the garage door makes such a racket? It probably occurs to you that you should do something about it…one of these days. After all, it opens on demand, closes when needed, and seems “okay”.
If you’re like many others, you are also a bit worried and keep telling yourself it is something you need to address before something goes wrong with it. After all, if it gets stuck at 7:30AM on a Monday…just how are you getting to work?
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There are so many different driveway surfaces, how can I choose?

Like all other aspects of your home, your driveway reflects the time and effort you put in to making your home look nice. There are tons of different materials on the market, so whether you’re concerned with being environmentally friendly, or just want a low-maintenance, good-looking driveway, you’re bound to be able to find something that’s right for you. But with so many choices out there, you need to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.
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How to turn your garage into a garden

One of the cheapest ways to start your garden is to sow your own seeds in the late winter or early spring. Gardeners who get an early start on the growing season usually plant their seeds in their kitchen so that they can get natural sunlight or they establish an indoor garden in their basement under artificial light.
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Your garage door is stronger than you think!

Have you ever really thought about everything you ask your garage door to do? We’ve evaluated some garage door performance challenges that most owners have never even given a second thought. Chances are you’ll see your garage door in a new light after reading this article! But you’ll also truly understand why you need to invest in a quality product and have it fitted by professionals.
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Insulating Your Garage – Is it Worth It?

While garage insulation is a common practice in most homes, what is its worth? There aren’t any government or housing standards that require us to insulate, so why do it? Some standards require insulation for a house with an attached garage, just to give the same common value to all walls. But houses with a detached garage have no rules.
So, is insulating your garage really worth it? Most people do it to achieve better comfort as they treat their garages as another room of the house. For those who use garages as bedrooms or important storage spaces, it may be wise to have an insulated and dry space.
Below are six reasons why insulating, drying, and heating your garage may be worth it. After reading this guide, you may want to consider insulation as your next housing project. Read More

Should I choose two single doors or a double garage door?

Sometimes there is too much choice! Imagine you’re going over the plans for your new home with the developers but two of them keep butting heads. One is insisting two single garage doors will look best, and the other thinks you should choose a double garage door. Of course, the choice is yours, so what do you choose?
We’ve written this article to help you decide which type of garage door you should opt for.
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