Your Guide to Adding Personality to the Garage Door

Thinking about changing the way your garage door looks? It’s appearance is something that you should think about with great care. After all, it’s one of the largest architectural elements of your home. It can add (or detract) from your home’s appearance by a lot. It’s certainly something that the neighbors will see, but it also plays a huge role in curb appeal, and your garage door may make the difference between a potential buyer making and offer and looking elsewhere.
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Keep the Temperatures Cooler in Your Garage This Summer

Many people do not give their garage the attention that it deserves, even when they start to spend more and more time in the garage. Sure, they might consider some ways that they can improve the garage by clearing out the clutter and making it into a space where they can relax with friends, where the kids can play, or where they can enjoy their hobbies.
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Is It Time to Shed Light in the Garage with Garage Door Windows?

Most of us think of garage doors as a utility thing, and not a decorative element of the home. We are happy if they work, but what if they could look good and offer some functionality (apart from opening and closing), too? When you add decorative windows that coordinate with the overall style of the home or property you can get all of that.
Even if the door already has windows, you can consider updating them to improve their aesthetics and function, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to make it happen.
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Build Your Own Yoga Sanctuary: Transforming Your Garage

Meditating woman

If you practice yoga, you know how important it is to have a dedicated, quiet place where you can be undisturbed. While you might think that the garage is poorly suited for that, it’s actually an ideal spot. Not sure how you can turn that storage area into an intimate yoga studio? Here are a few tips to help out.

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I’d like to repaint my garage door. How do I go about it?

Is the color of your garage door, whether chosen many years ago or recently acquired, completely out of style or just dull and uninteresting? Now is the time to change its appearance and give your home a new look. However, where should you start?

This blog will cover metal doors, both non-insulated and insulated. For a wood garage door, whether painted or stained, get in touch with your local paint dealer. This expert will instruct you on how to do a great job.
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Inspiration for Designing Your Traditional Garage Door

Perhaps you are renovating your house to give it a more historic look or you simply want to match your garage door to the traditional, classic style of your existing home.
Do you really need a classic garage door design? There are a number of reasons to get a new garage door. Perhaps you want a model that does not require much maintenance or that offers better weatherproofing characteristics and insulation. Modern door manufacturers can provide you with these qualities while also giving you a door that fits with your traditional architecture plans.
Sound appealing? Here is what you need to know when choosing such a garage door.
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Make Garage Door Safety a Priority For Your Family

For many people, the garage door on an attached garage is used as one of the main ways to enter the home. This is true for both adults and for children. Even with a detached garage, the door is used quite often, whether the garage is used to store the car, your belongings, or is used as a workshop or play area.
With all of this use, it is therefore important to make sure everyone in the family understands how to use the garage door properly and safely. Fortunately, it is easy to get the family up to speed on garage door safety.
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